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Trainee Program
Professional Division Program for young Adults 

The Company Trainee Program draws on the synergy of this institutional symbiosis to prepare advanced students aged of 17 and older for the transition into a professional career. Under the personal guidance of director and choreographer Carole Alexis, who is renowned for her method of teaching clean and strong technique and developing artistic sensibility, trainees are to study, make noticeable progress in the advanced levels, rehearse, and perform alongside the professional dancers of Carole Alexis Dance Theatre /Ballet des Amériques.

Please note: The duration of the program may vary depending on the student's situation.

The Professional Division Program for Young Adults / Trainee Program at Ballet des Amériques is a unique, well-rounded and highly refined training program designed by award-winning choreographer, director, master teacher, coach, and pedagogue Carole Alexis with the aim of mentoring young dancers toward successful professional careers.

The program was conceived and developed by Carole Alexis and Ballet des Amériques after years of searching for dancers to join the professional company at Ballet des Amériques revealed that there were many talented young dancers who simply lacked crucial finishing touches in their training and the guidance and ethical standards required for professional careers.

Encouraged by students and members of her professional company who were impressed by her ability to transform dancers for the better, Alexis founded the Professional Division Program for Young Adults in the spirit of 20th century dance conservatory training, which often offered particularly talented young dancers an extra year or two of training after graduation to pull forth latent, yet untapped technical and artistic ability.

Nowadays it is not uncommon for dance students to be left to fend for themselves after graduation. The Professional Division Program at Ballet des Amériques offers young dancers an effective solution by providing ongoing personal career guidance, unparalleled refinement of dance technique and artistry, guides to professional company etiquette, dance coaching, performance experience, and innumerable hidden keys to professional success in the dance world. It is the only training program of its kind in New York City and Westchester offering invaluable one-on-one mentorship with a company director, expert pedagogue and international choreographer. 

Founder and director of Ballet des Amériques, Carole Alexis, started her career as a multi-talented child prodigy who trained with the celebrated French choreographer Maurice Béjart, Cuban legend Jorge Lefebre, and Georgian star Nikoloz Makhateli before launching a successful international performing arts career as a dancer, choreographer and singer. Her dance students have been accepted to the prestigious summer programs at Paris Opera Ballet, Bolshoi Ballet, American Ballet Theatre, and Juilliard as well as the renowned Varna International Ballet Competition. Alexis’ students have also held professional contracts with Dance Theatre of Harlem, Ballet West and the English National Ballet, among others.

All of Carole Alexis’ students bear her unique signature of clean lines, exemplary alignment, and impeccable technique.

If you are a young dancer on the verge of a professional career and are seeking honest, unparalleled guidance and refinement of dance technique and artistry as well as invaluable secrets to professional company etiquette, career longevity and success, Carole Alexis Ballet Theatre /Ballet des Amériques invite you to audition for the Professional Division Program for Young Adults/ Trainee Program. We look forward to reviewing your application.

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