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Ballet is one of the most inaccessible but amazing art forms. Happy to see @balletdesameriques breaking barriers.

- Rebecca Carriero

"...The choreography, music and light were joyous and exciting and your company of dancers wonderful. So strong in their dancing - leaping across as a force of nature! "

- Sally Lee

 "Amazing spirits make amazing dancers, BdA is the way to go!"

- Fran Sisco

"...I can't remember - if ever - I have had a chance to enjoy mixed genre dance done so beautifully and fluidly, allowing Ballet to be a bridge to other dance forms. You are brillant! and lovely.

- Audrey Elisa Kerr, Ph.D.

"Ballet des Amériques

Westchester’s Ballet Jewel. I had the pleasure of attending its Spring program, and revelled in the beauty and artistic excellence of the professional dancers and the creative repertoire of its director and choreographer, Carole Alexis. 

The performance space is intimate, bringing the dancers closer to their audience, which made for a wonderful and unique experience. As a ballet enthusiast who has been fortunate to have seen Nureyev, Baryshnikov and Makarova as well as the New York City Ballet and its creative brilliance for decades, I was impressed and thrilled at the competence and beauty of the dancers in Ballet des Amériques."

- Janelle Rossignol 

"Just saw an amazing dance performance.... Excellent choreography combined with very talented dancers. It was simply a beautiful evening sharing the arts with these amazing performers. My daughter loved it as well!"

- Christina Alfano Koenig


" It keeps getting better and better and better. Extraordinary dancing, provocative, evolving dances. Congratulations to the company, the director, the guests and all the enthusiastic Evening sharers!"

- Frank Deligio

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