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Presented by The Music Hall &

Ballet des Amériques

Ballet des Amériques has the pleasure of announcing its performance at the Tarrytown Music Hall, which will take place in April 25 2018. Ballet des Amériques has been the resident dance company of the Tarrytown Music Hall since 2017.


Ballet des Amériques was proclaimed Westchester’s premier dance company by the office of the County Executive. A regional company on the rise, Ballet des Amériques is gaining media attention in the New York City area as well as internationally on online platforms and with articles in printed publications such as Hook Magazine and Air France Magazine featuring Ballet des Amériques and Artistic Director Carole Alexis.


The company will perform a diverse repertoire choreographed by Carole Alexis to the music of artists such as Mario Canonge, Maurice Ravel.


Become a part of the growing Ballet des Amériques community, and see the company perform locally in Westchester.  The company is currently rehearsing and preparing for internationally touring in 2019.




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