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Carole Alexis, Director - Pedagogue

Carole Alexis, Choreographer Director

 Ballet Master Teacher

Dieter Riesle - Ballet Master Teacher

Ballet Master Teacher at Ballet des Amériques

Teacher for the Adult Ballet program

Isodale Alexis - Ballet Teacher

Isodale Alexis teaches Ballet and Barre au Sol at Ballet des Amériques.

Irene Przywara - Ballet Teacher

Irene Przywara teaches Ballet at Ballet des Amériques.

Garrett McCann - Acrobatics and Modern Teacher

Acrobatics and Modern Teacher at Ballet des Amériques

Ashley Cook - Acrobatics Teacher

Ashley Cook teaches Ballet and Acrobatics at Ballet des Amériques.

Adrienne Riter - Modern Teacher

Adrienne Riter teaches Modern and Modern Dance History at Ballet des Amériques.

Franck Muhel - Afro-Carribean Teacher

Franck Muhel teaches Afro-Carribean dance at Ballet des Amériques.

Ruben Salles - Music Teacher

Ruben Salles teaches Music at Ballet des Amériques

Please contact the school for students interrested in taking private Piano lessons.

Arielle Rosales - Flamenco Teacher

Arielle Rosales teaches Flamenco at Ballet at Ballet des Amériques.

Karin Averty - Guest Teacher

Karin Averty Guest Master Teacher at Ballet des Amériques

Premiere Danseuse Paris Opera Ballet 

Principal Dancer with the San Francisco Ballet

National Merit Order as a Chevalier

Faculty of American Ballet Theatre- Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School  

Faculty of Steps on Brodaway

International Guest Teacher

Kathryn Sullivan - Guest Ballet Teacher

Ballet Master Teacher

Faculty of Steps on Brodaway

faculty at Barnard College at Columbia University 

Ronald Alexander - Guest Teacher

Ballet Teacher

Independent arts consultant

Faculty Peridance Capezio

Celeste Landa - Teacher - Backstage Manager

Celeste Landa teaches Ballet and Acrobatics at Ballet des Amériques.

Marina Scanell - Guest Teacher

Flamenco Teacher 
Marina Scannell company dancer of Soledad Barrio and Noche Flamenco

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