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Grand jeté $1000

Sponsor a session of our outreach program


Cabriole $500

Sponsor the purchase of practice tutus

 Arabesque $350

Sponsor a master class


Relevé $300

Sponsor the purchase

of a ballet barre


Pointe $100

Sponsor a pair of

pointe shoes for

a dancer

Partnering with Carole Alexis Ballet Theatre

Partnership in Education /Scholarships Funds

Through our scholarship program, we are able to provide high-level dance training and education to talented and passionate children. 

Your financial gift will support students in becoming well-trained dancers, cultivated and educated young artists with many choices for a bright and prosperous future. Thank you!

Thank you, Merci, Gracias, Toda, Xièxiè, Faleminderit, Arigatō, Shukran, Jerejef, Grazie, Shukran, Danke.

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